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Yes we are homeschoolers! Crazy?...Perhaps ☺But we love it. It's about more than just educating our kids. It is a way of life - just as our faith is a way of life. Learning is life long and occurs all the time, not just between the hours of 9 and 3.

Below is a list of the books we love learning from:


God's Great Covenant, OT 1&2 and NT 1: A Bible Course for Children.






This series is followed with the Rod and Staff bible workbooks for grades 5-10.












Fitzroy Readers

Jolly Phonics

My spelling workbook Series

Literacy Back to Basics Series

Progeny Press Study Guides 

We use an online Math program

Story of the World Series

A Childs Geography 1 and 2 

We then teach geography via the use of lapbooks – choosing a country and doing a unit study on it.

Apologia Science Series. 

We read aloud to our children after dinner each night. Here is a list of books we have thoroughly enjoyed ☺

- Lois Walfried Johnson
The Viking series
The Riverboat Series
The Northwood Series

-Roland Smith
Elephant Run
Storm Runners series

-Rosie Boom
The Barn Cronicles Series

More to come

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