H&B : Outta the Mouths of Babes

I not like you (Bean, 3yrs)

I AM sorry (Bean, 3yrs)

I don't do fairies so this is an angel wand (Our Girl, , 4yrs)

You're driving me on my nuts (RE, 4yrs- a combination of the sayings: You’re driving me nuts/up the wall)

I'll just get what I'm given (Champion, 8yrs, not sure what else he was expecting?)

“Where did you get that? “asked Binky. “Trademe “ mama replied.
“TRADE YOU?!" asked Binky incredulously.( Our girl, 4yrs)
“I don’t have a hoot!” (RE, 6yrs, he means he doesn't GIVE a hoot!)
like him—he’s a nice brother.” (Pilot, 10yrs. Awww!)
(Lifestyler husband was making lunch) I asked “What are you making?” He replied “Eggs Benedict” I said “Is it nearly ready? Lifestyler husband replies “no, waitin’ on the eggs.” I asked “do we need eggs with it?”
“Ah...well….. its
eggs benedict…. so yeah..” responded Lifestyler husband…(Nicki, 2008, in my defense I was heavily pregant  ~ baby brain will get ya every time!)

“Make mine Milo!” Champion, 2yrs)

“Who did it?” (Papa Lifetyler, 2002)
“Me not know” (Pilot, 4 yrs)

“He did it!” (Farmer Boy, 6yrs)

“He did it!” (Moffy, 7yrs)

"Who cares?!" (a very tired Nicki, 2002)


  1. These are brilliant.

  2. You might like this conversation I had with my Mum when I was 5 and just started school:

    ME: "Vanessa Mason was very naughty at school today."

    MUM: "What did she do?"

    ME: "When we stood up to say 'Lord keep us safe this night' before we came home, Vanessa didn't close her eyes!"

    MUM: "Was Miss Bonsall (the teacher) very cross with her?"

    ME: "Miss Bonsall didn't see her. It was only me who saw her but I didn't tell tales."

    MUM: "I know another little girl who didn't close her eyes. Her name's Margaret Sutton."

    ..... and then Mum had to explain how I'd managed to shoot myself in the foot!!!!!!!


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