H&B: Nicki


I'm Nicki - pleased to meet you!
This space is where I journal (scribble!) the about the honored and beautiful life God has gifted me with.

I have no comments  just opened up my comments box so as to keep my space here quiet will see how it goes in my little corner of blogisphere!

I am Forgiven. Saved. Accepted. Loved. A Child of God. A Jesus girl. A Truth seeker. Grace lover. Faith stepper. Country wife. Mama to eight. Lover of chocolate, coffee 'n' kids. And a recovering anxiety sufferer.

We live in the country, own a business in another town, breed piglets, milk a housecow, own 2 dogs and two cats, grow our own vegetables and raise our exuberant kids -

Moffy, Farmer boy, Pilot son, Champion, Railway Enthusiast (RE), Our girl, Little bear and Little Bean

- all for the Glory of God.

thescribbler at ojooo dot com

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