4 September 2012

Hello Spring September! {Gifts 634-644 and a givewaway!}

September here in the Southern Hemishpere heralds the Spring time!
And with that came a spring storm that knoocked out our power, downed a powerline, set our powerboard on fire and fried some of our appliances! Looking forward to the sunshine that is on it's way and noticing the beauty of it all along the way.

Spring leads us gently toward summer

Helps us shake off all that winter lumber

Frost-locked all the winter

The willows by the river

Shake out their powdery tendrils

Arduous cold gives way to warm ease

That last of the Violas pied

Spring yellow blooms and blossoms

Tips of tender green shoot forth

Apple blossoms bud in baby pink

And in the sunny fields

The dandelions shine.

Purple blue blossoms turn their heads

toward warm golden sun

The dry dead grass turns pea green

The wild flowers flourish

Cornflower blue and dainty white

Nodding their heads in the breeze

The rooster; the farmers' timepiece

And the hens, scratch between iris and daffodil

Pose like weathervanes mid garden

Paddocks of buttercups

watch the cow and her calf graze

Spring buds dance like the fresh new lambs

There is no time like Spring,

When life's alive in everything

Spring the time in which we rise

Breaking away from winter's ties

To dance again in the summer sun

Come spring, some!

Thanking God for all these blessings:

#634 Friends with a spare washing machine ~ phew!
#635 Same kind friends with a spare breadmaker!
#636 A friendly neighbor
#637 Sunny nearly spring days
#638 Warm sunshine
#639 Fresh homemade bread
# 640 Best friend's visit
#641 money the bank
#642 An afternoon nap
#643 church community
#644 knitting scarves

To hearld in the coming season of Spring, An honored and Beautiful Life is gving away this beautiful cornflower and mauve frilly scarf.

HOW TO ENTER September’s Spring GIVEAWAY:

Leave your anwser, to the question below, in the comments box ~

"What is your favorite thing about Spring and why?"

A winner will be randomly selected and I will post the winner's name via this blogpost at the end of the month☺


  1. Oh, just the thought of spring arriving somewhere on this globe while we move into fall and tremble at the thought of winter makes me smile. And these signs of spring you've captured are beautiful. Hooray for new life! And for the hope that accompanies my favorite season :) Blessings to you from the North!

  2. Im a Summer girl so Spring heralds to me the days of Summer are getting closer
    lighter in the evenings also mean more time to go and play soccer with my goal keeper/defender in training :)

  3. I THINK I forgot to hit "Publish" last night!!!

    My favourite thing about spring is seeing the first shoots of flowers such as snowdrops or daffodils pushing through the frozen earth. It marks the beginning of the end of an often harsh winter in the same way that the resurrection and Easter (which falls in our spring) mark the certainty of everlasting life after what seemed lke the harsh finality of the crucifixion. In short, our spring festival of Easter and the first shoots of new plant life symbolise eternal renewal.


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