15 July 2012


Today is the last day of the school holidays here...we have had a fabulous few weeks off.

AND it's the first day of this new space here ☺

We've had cousins coming and going - and our kids coming and going with them.

We spent some time at the beach playing silly 'olympic' games involving twisties, shower caps and shaving foam - lots of fun and lots of laughter!

We drew massive chalk creations on the driveway, made macaroni jewellry and homemade paint (and painted large stones with it.)

One afternoon I blindfolded the kids then got them to draw different items I called out to them - hilarious!!

And so the time goes by, the world constantly spinning. I want to pause the world and enjoy these relaxed happy times a bit longer, but it is not to be.

As I launch this blog, we too launch ourselves into another term of home schooling.

Tomorrow some of the children start the term off with an all day first aid course, then a birthday party! Others are back into History and Geography, Literacy and English, Science and Math Nature Studies and Lapbooking.

In all this wonder, these beautiful smiling faces...I can't help but see Your gifts here God, all around me.