22 July 2012

Your Creation Everywhere

Ever since the creation of the world, the invisible existence of God and his everlasting power have been clearly seen by the mind's understanding of created things.
~ Romans 1:20

Every human being is “formed to be a spectator of the created world –and given eyes that he might be led to its Author by contemplating so beautiful a representation.”
~ John Calvin, Commentary on Romans 1:19

Created things....Your amazing creation never fails to floor me...that deep sense of awe that overtakes me when I gaze at all the wonderous things You have created.

As the rain drips from the eaves, we sit in the warmth of our dining room at the table. Soup bubbles away on the Milton, laundry dries on the clothes airer overhead. More snuffly noses and barking coughs again today so the decision to keep our bugs to ourselves and home church is made.

Our girl and I sit this Sunday morning painting together, after the dishes are done, beds made, laundry hung, soup has been set to cook on the Milton. After the bibles have been put back in their place on the prayer table.

And I am suprised again by the things You have created. The vibrant violets, ruby reds, bold blues, great greens and youthful yellows. Beautiful colour. Right here. Your creation still very visible though we are stuck inside on a wet day.

The two little boys join us and splash their colours across a white page. Your glory Lord, right there for all to see.

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