20 August 2012

God's Winter Beauty

Icy fingers and naked ancient oaks
Cold bones and stiff winter winds
Everything withered and quiet
A hibernating shade of rich brown

Winter hills of white with slivery gleam
Cloud shrouded hilltops
Sparkling dew covers the earth
Steam swirls upward where sun touches

Refreshing crispness on fine bright days
More often days of steady rain
Heaviness fills the air
The blue sky painted gray

Frost upon the window panes
Beyond, warm moist air flows over cold river
Thick gray fog drapes like a blanket
Creating a misty soup

All seems lost to the cold decay
Winter's sun, aspiring hope after struggle
The hugging warmth on numb limbs
Winter shall release its icy reign

More #1000 gifts this week:

614 ~ productive school days
615 ~Sunshine after rain
616 ~Sozo Ministry
617 ~Beautiful big bare Oak trees
618 ~An unexpected gift from a friend
619 ~A ledger that balances
620 ~Moving furniture around
621 ~A relaxing sunday
622 ~Truth and honesty
623 ~A heads up regarding neighborhood changes
624 ~God's winter glory
625 ~pain relief for a sore back
626 ~the first signs that spring is around the corner!

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I love pictures of nature, they display God in all His glory.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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