5 August 2012

The Gift of Grattitude

There are two things I am learning whilst recovering from my anxiety disorder.

One is to give thanks for everything - every day, every hour, every minute, every moment.... When you focus on the goodness of God - it conquers the fear. When you start to give thanks for the small things, you start to realise God is with you...every day, every hour, every minute....every moment.

And two - it is only by the grace of God that we are where we are.

With a roof over our heads.
With an income that supports our family sufficiently.
With food in our bellies.
With warm clothes to wear.
With healthy children.

We have no more right to these things than anyone else. But by the grace of God we were not born in a country where these things fail to exist...

Basic things.

Basic things we take for granted.

It is all a gift.

Every day, every hour, every minute, every moment...

Humbly I offer more thanks to God for these gifts:

This new space (#589)

being organised (#590)

Easy dinner recipes (#591)

(Hard Thankyous) More info requested for cild's school exemption (#592)

(Hard Thankyous) 14 day notice (#593)

(Hard Thankyous) Local body hampering (#594)

Out & about after illnesses (#595)

Exercise climbing up and down hills! (#596)

Our boys bestfriend here for overnighter (#597)

A sleep in after a rough night  (#598)

Boys making a pancake brunch (#599)

Boys just hangin' with their mate (#600)

A church blessing upon our family (#601)

Community Compassion (#602)

An offer of help (#603)

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